The Problem

Now more than ever, urban planners and construction and engineering leaders are using aerial imagery to plan their government and utility projects. But many offer images that can only be accessed online and are out of date. This can be incredibly inconvenient to the user, costing them valuable time, money and effort.

The Solution

Nearmap can help solve all of these common problems with its high-res imagery – from vertical to oblique and 3D data – streaming online and on demand in the office and on-the-go via our simple MapBrowser interface. With our clear and current imagery, customers have improved their workflows, increased their efficiency and reduced site visits.

Beyond accurate imagery, we also capture 2-3 times per year across most major urban areas and cover 72% of the United States. This means you’ll have rich context and historical views to make better project-planning decisions.

A Game Changer

Nearmap’s 3D data – streaming online, on demand – has opened up a new perspective for your project objectives. View photo-realistic data of more than 80 major urban areas and immerse yourself in the landscape. Export imagery in minutes into your favorite GIS/CAD platform to design strategic scenarios, estimate time and costs, and track changes over the span of multi-year projects.


Our 3D data helps your brilliant idea become reality. Take height and length measurements and easily switch between 2D and 3D layers. Explore every option and assess information from all angles with Nearmap 3D to find the opportunities others can’t see.

Do your best work and let our rich, real-world context bring it to life.